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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thank you. thank. you venezuela's long time leader hugo chavez maybe too will after cancer surgery to attend his own inauguration that is the opposition demands a new election if he doesn't show up. the deployment of nato missiles on the turkish border with syria is underway after ankara demanded protection from possible incursions by the assad government. on movie stars your arrives in russia to meet with president putin who granted him citizenship this comes after the actor quit france in attack track.
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and i welcome good to have you company watching r.t. live from moscow with me andrey farm. venezuela's president hugo chavez who's currently battling cancer may be too ill to attend his own swearing in ceremony on thursday his political rivals are demanding a new election if he doesn't show up to be inaugurated for his fourth term in office geo political analyst eric draitser believes the opposition is taking advantage of the situation to undermine the governed. what is important is the fact that the opposition is using this as a political mechanism by which they can try to deal a jew demise the government in venezuela remember that in two thousand and two when the united states and spain and other powers around the world collaborated and conspired to oust chavez in an illegal coup and we saw what the significance of
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chavez was that he had a base of support on the streets in that country that could not be shaken by an international force and so what they're attempting to do is to use his health situation to break apart that base of support and to convince people that chavez is unable to serve the the constitution in venezuela allows for wiggle room here it does not say that just because he can't be at the inauguration at that given moment that there has to be new elections or that is what the opposition is trying to create something that is not explicit they're trying to make it explicit the constitution it says that it can be delayed there are alternative arrangements that can be made the swearing in can take place in a different location and also it says that the new elections can only be called if and only if the elected president is permanently unable to serve there is no indication that chavez won't recover from where he is now so to say that he's
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permanently incapacitated is not one hundred percent true. now has started the deployment of patriot missiles as well as troops on the turkish border for the bat for units to shield the country from possible attacks coming from neighboring syria but political analyst patrick henningsen believes that terri motives. patriot missiles that they're deploying right now in turkey. have nothing to do with any threat from syria i believe that these missile batteries are being parked in turkish territory to prepare for the possibility of a nato airstrike further down the timeline. as we anyone with any military knowledge or any geopolitical. knowledge knows that syria is absolutely zero military threat to turkey and they have no motivation to attack them until all depends on which matter of strategy the west shoes right now option one has
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failed they tried to do a libyan style of regime change by getting some foreign fighters and paying people then having no fly zone no fly zone is not going to happen it's sending a message to the government of syria that nato is making plans whether they push the button or not is another matter but what i think that the western states can go in on a legitimate basis to what the one of their second option is to gen up the chemical weapon situation and they've done that in the past on many continents with many invasions the other option is the west has to drag the smaller states into the conflict and use that as a justification for an air strike by nato i'm talking about dragging in lebanon on or perhaps israel to the south that would give the justification to move in and claim it's a regional conflict that needs to be contained. couldn't get asking may have funded
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the election campaign of one of the ones that helped topple the light libyan dictator. we take a look at what is behind. the sixteen million euro trip when he was running for president in two thousand and seven. sites like this we live in a city correct as many americans. president mahmoud abbas has officially changed the name of the palestinian administration to the state of palestine the move follows a successful u.n. bid to raise the palestinian status to a nonmember observer state but despite this the nation is still a long way from unity as artie's paul asli reports thousands of families are torn apart by barriers put up by israel. this is the arrows crossing one of five land crossings between israel and gaza getting through here is tough you need the right permission and papers but this crossing does not just separate israel from gaza it
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also divides families who are trapped on either side of the border these are the tears of a boy who hasn't seen his father in three years mohammed al qaeda run left gaza in search of a bit of a life for his family but what he found on the other side of the border was loneliness and despair and what he left behind destress and fear is i miss my father a lot and i want to see him i'm afraid a lot my father must come back here we must go and live with him but he can't come and we can't go. all they have now to remind him of him are photographs and the occasional phone call. loved me i can't live like this anymore i'm sick i'm having a nervous breakdown this happens when a man is very sad when he has a lot of pressure on his soul and heart. this family is just one of thousands torn
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apart by israel's separation policy that makes it almost impossible to move between the west bank and gaza it was only after mohammed had moved that he found out his family could not follow because while he and one of his children have west bank identity papers his wife and four other children don't for reasons unknown to them . it was a big surprise for me they told me there is a possibility of changing it so i sent the papers up until now they have the file but they refused to give permission for them to come i can't give up my kids but i also want to give them a future. israel says the west bank is a closed military zone and it has the right to prevent people from entering it even those from gaza but palestinians have extensive family ties in both areas and the policy affects just about everyone there are a number of policies that explicitly say that family separation is not a justification for being allowed to enter the west bank so even if there's no
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serious security claim against an individual even if there's no question that that mother is separated from her child that's not enough to justify a travel international law protects freedom of movement and israel itself has recognized guards in the west bank as a single territorial unit but that's not enough to guarantee something people in the west of the world take for granted a couple from different cities wanting to get married or a father looking for work. but the children miss him so much they hold his pictures and cry when they speak with him on the phone this is their. it's not coming back and he says i can't i want to bring it all to the west bank who want to go and live with him it will be safer for the children and they have a better life how to double what it it's a choice no father should have to make to be separated from his family so he can provide for them or join them and together face a bleak future. israel gaza. you are watching we've
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got plenty more news to come this sasa don't go away including is one of france's most famous actors you are deployed you about to become a famous russian actor on that right after the break. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is. hard welcome to the big picture.
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mission and. couldn't take three. three. three. three. three. three blog video for your media project a free media r.t. dot com. and i welcome back the famous film star who has arrived in the russian black sea resort of sochi were to meet with president putin apparently to pick up his new passport. to citizenship after he turned his back on his native france in iraq escalating taxes in
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a question about as the details. according to russian president's press secretary dmitry peskov currencies are is a preview is on a personal tweet to some achieve and there is a possibility of that you might attend an informal meeting with the president flies middle pugin and there he might be given his brand new russian passport meanwhile gerard depardieu has already been granted russian citizenship and before that he remembers his french citizenship and move to belgium where reportedly he has some real estate now this news comes as french president francois juan is trying to push forward a law that will see french citizens who earn more than one million euro piece seventy five percent of their earnings to taxes meanwhile in another french legendary movie i can brigitte bardot is also think of following the footsteps of georgia preview however one movie is backed by a completely good reason you know she's also
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a veteran anymore rights campaigner and she has threatened to apply for russian citizenship if french authorities euphemized a peer office a callous bones at a zoo in new home now explaining why she thought of russia she said that she believed that president was human foods and has done more to protect and you most the benefit for presidents all together and she also said the average time she asked something as the animal rights to complain or he always helped her she also called him the president of her heart after he banned the hunting of young seals and indeed president vladimir putin has earned a reputation of a true anymore lover during the years of his presidency and when he was the prime minister. website. has got some very good news for star trek fans the u.s.s. enterprise space ship. a reality discover how america plans to build
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a colony in space to go where no man has gone before and. resigns find out why. u.k. governments charitable enterprises abroad are reportedly doing nothing to help the world's poor a study by the center center right thing tank says billions of pounds in taxpayers' money being spent to merely part of a government p.r. campaign my colleague bill dog talk to me about where exactly this cash is ending up. well let me give you three quite stark examples the first is the example of
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british aid to ethiopia which totals three hundred million pounds evidence studies b.b.c. investigation shows that in fact it wasn't used to help people it was used by the ethiopian government to cement a corrupt hold on power the u.k. government refutes that saying that the money doesn't even go through the government but according to human rights watch they say it does and this investigation showed that in fact supporters of the opposition. to receive food or seeds or fertilizer which is what the aid was destined for a second example is in india a three hundred eighty eight million pound project aimed at improving indian schools the government here hailed as a huge success they said more children are going to school as a result of it but the indian government says that around seventy million pounds of it was either stolen or lost much of it was allocated to schools that didn't even
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exist and that some of it went to by cause for dignitaries officials in india again the u.k. government refutes that and nigeria thirdly one hundred million pound project improve again the quality of education in nigeria an independent report showed that actually the results of it had been not to improve the quality of education at all and they awarded the project to nigeria their second lowest rating again the government here refutes that same report sources that only visited a handful of schools so it's a pretty damning indictment of what's happening to all this money. vols some of aid money how does it exactly help the image or british politicians. well of course the conservative party here in this country has an image of sort of stinginess and only wanting to help the rich and it does go a long way towards getting rid of an image like that it shows that politicians and magnanimous sort of make them seem very generous and this information does suggest
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that the government doesn't really care where the money goes or how its ministers or how effective it is it only cares that it's seen to be giving. the study is really quite critical isn't it does it suggest the u.k. should stop helping communities abroad altogether i know it's not suggesting that it's just suggesting that the money is allocated and administered much more efficiently of course this is all happening against a backdrop of austerity at home and many people are saying you know forget it's forget giving money abroad let's keep it here at home where it's really needed at the moment so here we see a reduction in benefits even for very poor people we're seeing tax hikes we're seeing raids on particularly public sector pensions so a lot of people say keep this money at home don't give it give it a broad and the budget is continually increasing it's now going to be no point seven percent of gross national income and that equates to five hundred pounds
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a year for every household and lot of people say you know we could do something here at home with that five hundred pounds. former french president nicolas sarkozy allegedly received over fifteen million euros in illegal campaign money from late libyan leader muammar gadhafi a lebanese born businessman who's facing corruption charges says he will provide evidence in a french court similar claims have previously been made by other witnesses christophe barbier who is chief editor of weekly magazine l'express says if these allegations are proven true they could uncover a deeper trial of corruption. well it's true that libya under gadhafi must have generated lots of dirty money with a system in place and poured cash into western countries look at this image contribution to sarkozy's campaign for julia remarks in the presidential campaign it's going to draw a load is when it's really just lifting living in the last more than double over the pelvis left over from a certain to be voted for campaign but instead interrupting someone's pockets to
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tell you proof is needed and as of now there is only a statement by one man on trial these drugs remain someone else to shift the attention of one from russia each carries an illegal weight. and i some other stories making headlines around the world this hour a standoff between police and the gunman in colorado has left four people dead including the gunman himself the attacker held for hostages you hostages inside a house before being killed after hours of negotiations three of the captives were shot dead before police were able to free them while one was able to escape the instant took place in the city of aurora where just six months ago another shooter killed twelve people and injured fifty eight. five suspects in the rights of a female student in new delhi have been linked to the victim by d.n.a. evidence the men were charged early this week while a six will stand trial as a juvenile the twenty three year old woman was brutally assaulted on
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a bus and later died in hospital for minor injuries the attack sparked a nationwide outrage and fueled debate about sex crimes in india. around one hundred british loyalists in the northern irish capital belfast have attacked police officers who retaliated with a water cannon authorities are also investigating reports of shots fired during the clash the previous night saw nine officers injured in several riots that broke out across the city loyalist anger was sparked by a move to end a century old tradition of flying british union flag over city hall permanently throughout the year. guards in brazil have caught a cat trying to smuggle contraband into a prison on new year's day the animal was scotch tape with headphones a memory card mobile phone and batteries and because the feline friend refused to cooperate with police or two hundred sixty three inmates and i suspect in the investigation. freedom of expression
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has always been one of the pillars of american democracy since the war of independence but now the right to speak your mind in the land of the free is now being overwhelmed by political correctness artie's marina portnoy examines how candid expression has turned into a touchy subject. america is a country that pioneers freedom of expression but is the rising tide of political correctness reigning in the right to say what you think white people do well to hold back to do to actually speak their mind it's almost as though you have a sort of a code to follow sometimes you want to call a spade a spade and sometimes you want to call it trouble according to recent news and poll the majority of citizens think the us is overdosing on p.c. turning the land of the free into a nation of hyper sensitive sissies. were even corn chips can cause mass controversy in this ad a priest substituted to read zero for the eucharist the body of christ. the
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commercial was created for a possible super bowl broadcast but after an uproar among catholics frito lay apologized and pulled the plug on the satirical spot during a commercial being pulled is a classic example of americans freaking out about something insulting to do with religion i understand why the catholic league might flip out that's their job however be able to laugh at yourself folks. the price of humor can end up costing big maybe captain owen honors entrusted with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier worth half a billion dollars was fired over racy morale boosting videos created years ago having survived eighty five combat missions oh it was shot down by for tuesday style gestures and comments as for the man who wrote nineteenth century classics not even mark twain is protected from present day p.c. two of tweens books are being republished with the word sleeve replacing the n.
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word it's about laziness it's not about liberal guilt to not want to do offend or conservatives want to want to sanitize or plain vanilla is history and art it's really about laziness we don't we don't want to trust people to look and examine to look at something in. go beyond that said what does it mean what were those times like what is the author trying to say when film critic roger ebert took to twitter to criticize the censorship he was criticized for simply writing the n word a federal jury will soon decide if white people can use the n. word at work this as a white t.v. reporter is suing a fox news affiliate in philadelphia after being fired for using the n. word during a staff meeting white house chief of staff rahm emanuel has apologized he's apologized and of course the r word can also make you a glorified villain as was the case when former chief of staff rahm emanuel privately called a group of liberals retards rahm emanuel and i think he has some indecent and
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insensitive ways of being sarah palin is a great talk at e.s.p.n. sensitivity surrounding sex has become a touchy subject announcer ron franklin was fired for allegedly calling a female reporter sweet baby many say a political correctness has neutered the american language creating a super sensitive society incapable of laughing things off a p.c. employee that left more people biting their tongues for fear that freedom of expression may be more trouble than it's worth more in a corner artsy new york. companies and governments be wary of the hacktivist group anonymous. wave of new cyber attacks this year but artie's very new york resident went to find out of the underground group still has the support of the people it claims to be fighting for.
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the hacking collective anonymous issued a statement warning the world to expect them in two thousand and thirteen is that a good thing this week let's talk about that it is an all course of business that they interfere with they can write their congressman they can vote. i work for the government i don't appreciate people hacking us we've got people's personal information that has to be protected that these people they decided hey i want to take that. that's their information because they've decided to go into their own hands this is ok yes definitely keep on going why are they important in the world today well because to bring a certain information to the public. because of the activity is social justice is a real thing and so something has to be done if you like if we have the means to do
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it then we should do it what about the fact that they do it anonymously they don't show their face or their name do you think that they have to because what they're doing is illegal or do you think they should show their names and faces well i think showing their names and faces would just block them out blacklist them and stamp them out so i think that's the reason why they had to be anonymous i think they're meddling kids legally should not be doing what they're doing definitely but so do we just let governments and corporations do whatever they want unchecked no not unchecked would do it legally through the law and follow the guidelines that are set before us for example with the united states were built on the constitution and that's how we have to follow the law through that i'm against anything illegal just because i like to follow rules and i don't want to be put in jail or i wouldn't want to be put in jail even if it does mean sticking out for other people love them or hate them anonymous has promised to put on a good show for twenty thirteen just well. have to wait to see if they live up to that promise.
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not coming up next on the colonies report max and stacy take a look at these hedge funds making big bucks from oil money i'm white extinction in the u.s. just a. few news sigrid laboratory tim curry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and world events this is why you should care only on r t v dot com.
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something. lies beneath. thousands of meters of ice and rock. the lava. that is a for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. do we speak your language i mean some of the will or not i. will use programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. use it will turn it into angles stories. for you here. in troy
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ot spanish point out more visit i too early to teach or to comb. welcome to the kaiser report max kaiser hey you have there no not you jamie dimon i'm talking to the humans out there and the cats and you know creatures of the heart and soul not those that slither around in the sewage at night like jamie so i was saying i have bad news for ya we're going extinct now our physical bodies i'm talking about our wages our wealth our liberty extinct grabbling for one of jamie's food stamp cars and fighting for a top banker halliburton's gulag camp is our future unless we stop the economics of extinction and rosa frick up. thank you max as we are talking about the economics
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of extinction i have worn my shirt dedicated to the species that have gone extinct she used to live in the sewer system under new york city her name was homo lady lady and jamie diamond and lloyd blankfein and all those other slithering creatures moved in and kicked her out loaded up with debt her whole species is gone extinct the purple headed for it got us why did you apply for the move the post better to say that it is i thought you were the bassist but well yes we're going to talk about the ever declining wages of workers around the world the ever incarcerated debtor around the world indebted and and slaves by their debt first is south africa striking workers burn vineyards in protest over hunger wages and farmer arrested for firing on thousands of demin.


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